Give yourself the gift of a
perfect smile!

  • Easy to use and comfortable veneers
  • One size fits all
  • Snaps-on securely

Hollywood Smile –are 2 in 1 : aligners and veneers!

You can say goodbye to these problems for good!

Broken, crooked, or missing front teeth do nothing for your looks and repel other people. This is why we smile as little as possible and not show our front teeth.

HOLLYWOOD SMILE – is a unique device that gives you an irresistible smile. With its help you can stop being embarrassed of your teeth and start smiling as often as you like.

Everyone will love your new smile!

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile – are high-quality and comfortable removable veneers that are easy to use and suitable for anyone. They have a bridge-like construction that adjusts to your natural teeth without causing any abrasive effects.

They are made out of a thin but durable and lasting material insusceptible to staining by substances such as coffee, tea or cigarette smoke. HOLLYWOOD SMILE can be used both on a long-term (years!) as well as a short-term basis, as a simple and comfortable device to replace the look of teeth temporarily during denture or implant procedures.

How do they make Hollywood Smile?

It is the only system in the world, manufactured at a factory using high-tech equipment and innovative technologies, whereas many other types of veneers are made by hand at basic dental laboratories.

Thanks to an automated manufacturing process and the use of unique materials, veneers-aligners Hollywood Smile are not only aesthetic and comfortable to wear, but they offer the same efficacy as braces.

Instant smile with Hollywood Smile! It fits your natural teeth like a glove.

  • They attach painlessly and without filing down your teeth
  • Hypoallergenic material and adhesive
  • Ideally white and straight teeth
  • Securely attached 24/7
  • One size fits all

Hollywood Smile is created
specifically for you

Hollywood Smile are simple and comfortable removable veneers suitable for anyone. They are so comfortable that just 10 minutes after you put them in, you will not even notice them. No one will ever guess that these are veneers and not just your natural beautiful teeth. .

Hollywood Smile does not require your teeth to be filed down and do not harm your enamel or gums. They are manufactured out of super-durable and super-thin medical polypropylene. This is a highly durable material that does not lose its attractiveness or durability for decades to come.

These veneers are very easy to use!

Just 3 simple steps will make your smile irresistible!

Feedback from our customers

Joseph Devera, 26 years old

“I had yellow and crooked teeth that actually I was fine with, but my wife wasn’t. Then she found Hollywood Smile veneers, bought them for herself and wore them, then ordered me some of the same ones. I’ll be frank, I didn’t want to wear them. But when I tried them, I was surprised. They are very comfortable, they adhere securely and my teeth looked perfect. Now I always keep them on hand for special occasions.”

Gerald Tolentino, 38 years old

“I have a big gap between my two front teeth which isn’t very attractive and I’ve always dreamed of covering it up somehow. I saw a commercial, ordered Hollywood Smile veneers and made my dream come true! My teeth are completely covered by this little strip, looks very natural and beautiful! Teeth immediately look white and straight, just what I needed! Buy them, you won’t regret it!”

Rhikka Lumang, 30 years old

“I got myself some Hollywood Smile because everyone seems to be buying them. My teeth, to put it mildly, aren’t in great shape. So, I thought, I’ll give it a shot. These veneers completely justified all of my expectations. Now I can smile without being embarrassed of my teeth. They are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth. I highly recommend these to everyone whose front teeth are in bad shape!”

How to order Hollywood Smile veneers?

Give yourself the gift of a
perfect smile!

  • Easy to use and comfortable veneers
  • One size fits all
  • Snaps-on securely